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View from the Porch
View of Stroh Ranch from the Porch
Where It All Began...
The Story of P.J.'s Gourmet

Stroh Ranch, home of PJ's Gourmet, is a beautiful 500 acre ranch in Potter Valley, in eastern Mendocino County. The ranch produces hay and sweet corn and has cattle, dogs, cats, four horses, rolling hills of Valley Oaks, and an abundance of wildlife.

Marching Cows

Ken and Jeanette Stroh moved there in March, 1967, with their daughters Kathy and Debbie. The family built a commercial catering kitchen on the ranch in 1989 and Jeanette's Country Cooking was born. Jeanette and her longtime friend Pat Denny worked together on a marinade to complement BBQ tri-tip roasts that the catering business is known for all over Mendocino County. The marinade was so popular that Pat and Jeanette decided to start their own company, PJ's Gourmet. On December 4, 1991, they began to sell Stroh Ranch Marinade. In the fall of 1997, Pat sadly passed away. Jeanette's daughter Debbie, who lives on the ranch with her husband and daughter, became her mom's partner in 1998. Jeanette and Debbie began making Stroh Ranch Blackberry Jam in 2000 for their mailing list customers only, and later added Razzleberry Jam and Raspberry Jam. They released two new sauces in 2001: Stroh Ranch Smoky Jalapeno Honey Sauces, Hot and Mild. In January 2005 Jeanette passed away.

As a tribute to her Mom, Debbie wrote a cookbook and released it in 2006 filled with all of the incredible recipes Jeanette had created over the many years. The legacy of Jeanette and Pat carried on through Debbie who continued to offer these wonderful products. After 17 years of making and selling these products, Debbie decided to sell the recipes in June 2009. This was a difficult decision to make, but one that was necessary at this time in her life. Over the years PJ's Gourmet became a fun, part-time job that allowed her to stay home with daughter Amanda and spend quality time with her Mom as her business partner. It was time for her to go back to work full-time now that Amanda was old enough to go to school all day. She knew the products needed someone who can travel and push the products the way they deserve to be promoted. Debbie sold the Stroh Ranch Original Marinade recipe to Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company and the Stroh Ranch Smoky Jalapeno Honey Sauce recipes to BB Specialties. Both companies have bottled the recipes and are selling them by direct mail and in many stores. Debbie is thrilled the recipes are continuing on through these wonderful companies.

The recipe for Stroh Ranch Original Marinade has been sold to Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company. To order, contact Carol Hall's Hot Pepper Jelly Company directly at 800-892-4823.

The recipes for the Stroh Ranch Smoky Jalapeno Honey Sauces - Hot and Mild have been sold to BB Specialties located in Oroville, CA. For more information contact BB Specialties at 530-534-9763.

The Stroh Family
Son-in-law John Reardan
Daughter Kathy Williams
Jeanette & Ken Stroh
Daughter Debbie Reardan

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